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Sales Intelligence on Energy Projects

Are you Selling into the Supply Chain for Energy Projects?

Imagine a world where you have instant access to the latest information on every major North American Energy Project.

Find the latest information on over 1,600 major projects as well as thousands of key individuals currently involved in engineering, specification and procurement work on these projects.

With over 1,600 major capital projects representing $1.36 Trillion in spend over the next decade directly at your fingertips AND access to over 7,000 key contacts can you make at least one additional sale this year?

If so, then the investment in Project Insiders' Sales Intelligence Reports will be returned many times over. Every day more companies in the Energy Project Supply Chain are coming to that conclusion and using our information to significantly grow their sales and revenue.

Product Details


Here's what is currently available through our full package of Sales Intelligence Reports:

North American Projects 1,601
Value of Current Projects $615,640,000
Value of Future Projects $742,510,000
Owner/Operators 645
Principle Contractors 327
Total Companies Listed 1,402
Personal LinkedIn Contacts 7,006

Sample Project Reports


Full Report Set includes 48 reports covering over 1,600 North American energy construction projects:

  • 13 Reports covering Upstream Projects
  • 13 Reports covering Midstream Projects

  • 7 Reports covering Downstream Projects
  • 7 Reports covering LNG Projects

  • 4 Project Summary Reports
  • 3 Reports Listing Personnel Contact
  • 1 Recent Project Update Report

Plans & Pricing


Sales Intelligence Reporting for the North American Energy Industry Supply-Chain:

  • Unlimited Users per Business Unit
  • All Reports Updated Every 2 Weeks
  • All Projects Reviewed Every 6 Weeks
Full Access Subscription $7200 / year
Report Sets by Industry Sector $1800 to $4800
Report Sets by Project Type $750 to $2500
Report Sets by Geography $1500 to $4800 Integration    * Inquire *


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