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Sales Intelligence on Energy Projects

What We Sell - Our Sales Intelligence Reports

Project Insiders provides Sales Intelligence Reports to companies in the supply chain for Energy Construction Projects in North America. Our Sales Intelligence Reports cover the activity of over 1,600 major North American Energy Construction Projects giving you the information you need to identify, target and pursue the project leads you need to grow your company’s sales revenue.

Sales Intelligence Reports


Our research team actively tracks energy projects ranging in size from $25 million up to multiple billions covering the entire Oil & Gas value chain from Upstream, through Midstream, to Downstream, as well as LNG. Projects are tracked through the development process from:

  • Early Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-FEED and FEED
  • EPC, Construction & Commissioning

Information is compiled into a suite of Sales Intelligence Reports that are updated and published twice per month in both PDF and Excel formats. These reports are available by subscription for online download. Our Sales Intelligence Reports cover:

  • Approximately 1,600 North American Energy projects
  • And over 7,000 Contacts (including LinkedIn Profiles)
  • $1.36 Trillion in Current & Future project spending
  • All Reports Updated & Re-published Twice per Month
  • Available Online in both Adobe .PDF & Microsoft Excel formats

We have 17 seperate Report Sets giving you access to just the information you need. You can subscribe for access to ALL projects or target projects just in Upstream or Downstream, or focus on Offshore or Oil Sands projects. Here's a summary of the 17 Report Sets you can access:

Here's a detailed breakdown of what's available in each of the 17 Report Sets along with pricing:

FULL Report Set

Report Set Name Total Reports Projects Listed Contacts Listed Annual Updates Annual Subscription
ALL Projects 48 1,601 7,006 24 $7,200

Report Sets by Industry Sector

Report Set Name Total Reports Projects Listed Contacts Listed Annual Updates Annual Subscription
Upstream Projects 13 506 4,416 24 $4,800
Midstream Projects 13 798 2,011 24 $3,600
Downstream Projects 7 213 1,126 24 $2,400
LNG Projects 7 84 494 24 $1,800

Report Sets by Project Type

Report Set Name Total Reports Projects Listed Contacts Listed Annual Updates Annual Subscription
Offshore Projects 7 230 1,477 24 $2,500
Oil Sands Projects 7 203 2,118 24 $1,500
Onshore Projects 7 73 821 24 $1,500
Pipeline Projects 7 453 1,214 24 $1,800
Natural Gas Processing Projects 7 191 429 24 $1,250
Transporting & Storage Projects 7 125 208 24 $750
Carbon Capture & Storage Projects 7 28 159 24 $750
Refining & Petrochemical Projects 7 213 1,126 24 $2,400
LNG Processing Projects 7 84 494 24 $1,800

Report Sets by Geography

Report Set Name Total Reports Projects Listed Contacts Listed Annual Updates Annual Subscription
USA Projects 10 1,347 4,940 24 $4,800
Canadian Projects 10 448 3,673 24 $3,600
Mexico/Central America/Caribbean 10 88 552 24 $1,500

Customer Testimonials

As CEO of Dornan Engineering, I have used Kenley’s services in the past and found the information to be detailed and accurate in conjunction with a professional and responsive service.

— Brian Acheson, CEO Dornan Engineering

The major project and contact information compiled by the Project Insiders team for the Energy Industry Supply Chain has been key to the continual development of my sales career. I have tried similar services that aren’t as accurate or current as what Kenley's team provides. This service will be extremely helpful for any professional needing an edge on competition.

— Payton Powell, Business Development

I have used Kenley’s services and they have been a great help for the research of the market in Mexico. Providing an excellent service and a variety of useful contacts.

— Elena Alcala, Business Development

This service is now an important business development tool for me and our business development strategy, I find it to be an excellent way to keep current with developments in the oil & gas sector.

— Belinda Encarnacion



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